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Bit Secret  


Due to US government restrictions covering the advanced cryptography used in this app it has been restricted from sale.

Bit Secret uses state of the art encryption so that no matter who intercepts your message they won’t be able to read it.


So you can send it however you want. SMS, email, print and scan it, you can train a pigeon to deliver it, you can even publish it in a magazine as a QR Code - and only the contact you sent it to will be able to read it.


Better than that, they will know with certainty that the message not only came from you, but that it was encrypted exclusively for them. Nobody can fake one. Nobody can tamper with or modify it along the way. They can be certain that the message they just received was exactly what you sent.


So whether you’re a couple of high school friends who just want to be able to talk privately about whatever it is you talk privately about. If you’re working in a closed country and you don’t want that government snooping on your emails. Whether you just want some privacy, or your safety depends on it. You can be confident that if your contact still has control of their device, then only they could have sent the message, and only you can read it.


Whether your safety depends on it, or you just want some privacy. Bit Secret messages are so secure it really doesn’t matter who intercepts them, only you and your contact will be able to read them.




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