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GoSecure is not an app.

When it comes to transferring sensitive data between your app and your server, like credit card or transaction details, or personal identity information, then standard TLS just doesn’t cut it. And you can’t afford the reputational damage that would be caused if that data was compromised.

GoSecure is a combination of plug in framework/module for your iOS/Android app which communicates with our/your hosted microservices to securely authenticate and transfer data in either direction in a way which guarantees that the data came from the user’s device, or from your server, that it hasn’t been altered or tampered with along the way, and that it cannot be read on any other device anywhere in the world.

It can also securely display card details to the user, and add it to their mobile wallet with the click of a button.

GoSecure APIs are simple and easy to use for your developers, but sophisticated and secure enough that it really won’t matter if anyone does manage to intercept the messages along the way, they won’t be able to read it, and they won’t be able to successfully tamper with it.

Your developers don’t need to understand cryptography, secure transmission or even mobile wallets at all. For them, “it just works”.


When TLS (https) just isn’t enough. You need to GoSecure.




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